Assistant Engineer

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Robert McMurry is an Assistant Engineer with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University. Roberts’s professional career began as a research assistant at the Mechanical Engineering Department at NMSU. His responsibilities included simulating damage cases using CAD, and conducting modal analysis experiments. Robert used his experience in both farming and engineering to manage overhead irrigation at New Morning Farm and later, took his knowledge to CURES that helped water management and educated growers on current best management practices for reducing pesticide runoff. Most recently, Robert worked as a design engineer consultant, developing a concept for a human electric hybrid drive vehicle, drafted CAD models for prototyping and was an engineering consultant for the COO of Wind Harvest International. Robert joined the WCEC in 2013 where he works with Theresa Pistochini on WCEC’s new environment chamber, and is responsible for building a new tracer gas system.