FDD Meeting 1

WCEC co-hosted a meeting this month to review the results of a CEC/PIER- and NIST-funded research project carried out by Purdue University via a contract with New Buildings Institute. This well-attended gathering of over 30 stakeholders spanned much of the HVAC industry including energy consultants, HVAC Manufacturers, government regulators, Utilities and worker representation groups.

David Yuill, a doctoral student at Purdue and the primary researcher on the project, reported on the development and testing of a Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) algorithm evaluator. This evaluator is based upon laboratory data from a range of different investigators, and it can apply an FDD algorithm and determine whether or not the resulting alarms reflect the conditions that were measured in the lab. This evaluator will allow standards such as Title 24 to accurately and fairly judge the appropriateness of FDD tools, and will allow utility program planners to pick the best tools for their installation and maintenance programs.

WCEC, and West Village at large, are focused on creating a central hub of energy efficiency for all interested stakeholders to share knowledge and collaborate. When asked about the overall meeting experience, meeting organizer Mark Cherniak said,

Everything went well from the logistics of parking and facilities to the meeting content itself. I’d recommend the center [WCEC] for meetings anytime.

PIER Diagnostic Evaluator Project with Herrick Laboratories, Purdue University. Dr. James Braun, Principal Investigator. Managed by New Buildings Institute. For more information contact: Mark Cherniack, markc -at- newbuildings.org