Western Cooling Challenge


Coolerado H80
Overview of Operation

Coolerado’s hybrid system couples indirect evaporative cooling with two stage vapor-compression cooling. The indirect evaporative cooler can operate alone or it can act as a pre-cooler for the vapor-compression system. When the compressor operates, exhaust from the indirect evaporative cooler is used for condenser cooling. The indirect evaporative cooler used for the system is an integral device with multiple air pathways that exchange heat and mass to cool supply air without the addition of moisture.

Motorized dampers control the balance of outside air and return air, and the system operates with a minimum outside air fraction of approximately 45%. Variable speed supply fans for both supply and exhaust allow enable part load operation when only a fraction of the full load capacity is needed.

System Data

Operating Weight: 1550 lbs
Dimensions (L/W/H): 122”/ 72”/ 55”
Electrical Supply: 230 V / 1 ph / 60 hz
FLA: 30 amps
Supply Airflow: 1800 cfm, variable speed
Ventilation Airflow: 45-100%, varies by mode
Nominal Capacity: 5 tons – 8 tons
Airflow: Vertical return inlet, vertical supply outlet

Cooling modes

1. Economizer – 100% outside air
2. Indirect Evaporative – 45%-100% outside air
3. Indirect Evaporative & DX – 45%-100% outside air

More detailed design information is available from the manufacturer

Summary of Performance

The Coolerado H80 was tested for Western Cooling Challenge certification at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in Colorado. The results show outstanding performance, indicating that the H80 could outperform federal standards for conventional equipment by 65%. The figure below provides some key information about system performance in each operating mode and at each Cooling Challenge test condition. The results are compared to performance at these conditions for a similarly sized conventional rooftop packaged unit.

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