Western Cooling Challenge


Overview of Operation

The Trane Voyager DC adds the DualCool™ evaporative pre-cooling package to a high efficiency Voyager model rooftop unit. DualCoolT uses a rigid evaporative media to lower the temperature of condenser inlet air, then circulates evaporatively cooled sump water through a heat exchanger coil at the outdoor air inlet to reduce the ventilation cooling load. The DualCool components increase the nominal cooling capacity by 20%, while improving efficiency of the vapor compression system. For typical commercial applications, the Voyager DC cuts peak electrical demand for cooling by 40%.

System Data

Nominal Capacity: 20 tons (available 15-60 tons)
Operating Weight: 2450 lbs
Dimensions (L/W/H): 136″/98″/54″
Electrical Supply: Full range of 3-phase electrical options
Supply Airflow: 6300 cfm
Ventilation Airflow: 30-60% OSAF
Airflow Configuration: Vertical or horizontal

Cooling modes

1. Ventilation only

2. Enhanced Economizer (100% OSA indirect evaporative cooling)

3. Indirect Evaporative Cooling + Stage 1 DX

4. Indirect Evaporative Cooling + Stage 2 DX



Summary of Performance

The 20 ton Trane Voyager DC was laboratory tested by WCEC in collaboration with Intertek, and certified to meet the Western Cooling Challenge performance requirements. At peak outdoor air conditions (105°F-db/73°F-wb), at full tilt (6000 cfm, Stage 2 DX), and providing 2500 cfm ventilation air, the equipment generated 277 kbtu/h net cooling capacity, while demanding 40% less power than standard efficiency equipment.


Trane Voyager DC Documentation

Trane Voyager DC Performance Draft Report: Western Cooling Challenge Laboratory Test Results
(Sponsored by Southern California Edison)