A Gathering of HVAC Industry Stakeholders

Energy Efficiency Progress, Policy & Potential Development.

WCEC’s annual affiliates forum brings together HVAC industry stakeholders to discuss recent energy policy affecting the State of California, affiliate member news and developments, and research results published by WCEC. The forum’s goal is to create a diverse and relevant discussion on HVAC energy efficiency, pushing forward toward solutions and facilitating market impacts.



Mark1WCEC Year in Review – Mark Modera, WCEC Director

Director Mark Modera highlights some of WCEC’s research for the previous year including:

  • New refrigerant testing
  • Next generation heat pump testing
  • Feasibility of evaporative cooling in drought-ridden California
  • ASHRAE standard for Evaporative Pre-Coolers
  • User-Oriented Modeling tools for Climate Appropriate Air Conditioners
  • Create training videos for 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

(Download the PDF Presentation)

Nancy1California Energy Policy: Old and NewNancy Skinner, Energy Efficiency Center

Nancy takes us through previous energy efficiency policy in California and highlights current and new measures such as:

  • Prop 39: Energy Efficient Schools
  • SB 350: Transportation Electrification
  • AB 802: Benchmarking and energy use disclosure program
  • AB 2514: Energy Storage Mandate

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Affiliate Highlight SessionJim McClendon, Director of Engineering, Walmart  //  Amit Gupta, CEO, Aeroseal  //  Steve Slayzak, Engineer, Seeley


Jim McClendon presents some insights on how Walmart handles deployment of energy efficient technologies/prototype testing over such a large portfolio of buildings in diverse geographical locations. (Download the PDF presentation)

Amit Gupta gives the history of Aeroseal and highlights its latest licensed technology: Automated sealing of building envelopes using aerosols. (Download the PDF presentation)

Steve Slayzak gives a brief overview of the purchase of Coolerado by Seeley and how their products compliment each other rather than compete.


Sarah1Market Barriers to Adoption of Efficient HVAC Retrofit Technologies – Sarah Outcault, Behavior Scientist, WCEC

Dr. Outcault presents information on why stakeholders choose to or not to buy, sell, adopt or promote energy efficient technologies.

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(Download the research report)







Theresa1WCEC Future ResearchVinod Naranayan, Associate Director, WCEC & Theresa Pistochini, Engineering Manager, WCEC

A brief look at some of the new research projects WCEC has started or will begin in the coming months:

  • Dispatchable pre-coolers for demand response
  • Aquachill remote technology
  • Sub Wet-bulb Evaporative chillers
  • De-humidification for Indoor Agriculture
  • Cost-constrained energy efficiency optimization for multifamily and commercial buildings
  • Ventilation solutions for California Schools
  • Shallow bore ground heat-exchangers for heat pumps
  • Energy efficient HVAC retrofits for residential buildings and more!

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Poster Session


This year’s forum featured a flexible, 2-hour lunch and poster session within WCEC’s office. Here are the posters that were displayed during that session:

Does Evaporative Cooling Make Sense in Arid Climates?—Nasim Tajmand, Graduate Student Researcher, WCEC

Multi-Tenant Light Commercial Modeling Research –Nelson Dichter, Associate Engineer, WCEC

A New Termination Control Method for a Clothes Drying Process in a Clothes Dryer—Assistant Engineer, Caton Mande, WCEC

Performance Evaluation of a Thermal Storage Solution—Assistant Engineer, Jose Garcia, WCEC

High Performance Waste Heat Recuperators for Heat Recovery Cycles—Vinod Naranayan, Associate Director, WCEC

(Download the Posters)

Modeling Hybrid Air Conditioners—the BUILD DOE Team: Jonathan Woolley, Associate Engineer, WCEC // Yuanxian Chen, Yitian Liang, Nicholas Cabrena, Kyle Cheung

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