Western Cooling Challenge

The following manufacturers provide Western Cooling Challenge certified equipment

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Trane is a global provider of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and building management systems and controls. Incorporated in 1920, Trane provides comfort and indoor air quality for homes and for many of the world’s larges commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. A leader in the HVAC industry leader, Trane’s expertise is applied toward building energy conservation projects and renewable energy development around the world. Learn More

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Coolerado is leading the HVAC industry in manufacture of indirect evaporative coolers used for commercial, industrial, and residential applications throughout the world. Their products use the innovative Maisotsenko Cycle to provide cooling without a compressor and without adding moisture to the air. Under many climate conditions, their coolers can use 90% less energy than a conventional compressor-based air conditioner, while also providing better ventilation. Coolerado’s Western Cooling Challenge certified system is a hybrid rooftop packaged unit that uses both Maisotsenko Cycle cooling and vapor compression cooling in a system that is ideal for demanding commercial applications in hot-dry climates. Learn More

The following manufacturers are developing Western Cooling Challenge equipment

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Speakman Cooling Solutions

Speakman Company was founded in 1869 by Allen Speakman and his brother Joseph. The business began as a small plumbing and steam fitting shop. In the 1870’s, Allen Speakman, then head of the company, found it a constant inconvenience to be unable to get the necessary plumbing supplies locally. He solved the problem by entering the wholesale plumbing supply business. In 1889, the Speakman Supply and Pipe Company officially incorporated and streamlined its name by shortening it to its present form, Speakman Company.