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The Western Cooling Efficiency Center was established along side the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center in 2007 through a grant from the California Clean Energy Fund and in partnership with the California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research Program.

The Center partners with industry stakeholders to stimulate the development of impactful cooling technologies that can enable reduced electrical demand, energy and water consumption in buildings.
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05/20/2016» 2016 WCEC Affiliates Forum

10/16/2015» Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Energy Efficiency in Buildings

07/14/2015» WCEC’s Marco Pritoni Featured in Washington Post Article

05/22/2015» Reshaping the Focus for HVAC Efficiency: WCEC’s 2014 Annual Report

10/22/2014» WCEC’s Newsletter for October 2014

06/18/2014» WCEC’ Welcomes Carel, Our New Affiliate

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