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The engineers at the WCEC understand the complexity of our energy efficiency problems, that is why the team studies, researches and demonstrates energy efficiency on a holistic level. Our engineers work on many important factors including technological, diagnosis, marketability and the creation of new, objective testing models and standards. This multi-faceted approach to energy efficiency research is helping to drive us closer to real change in energy efficiency.

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By Sector
Big Box Retail
Campus & Institutions
Food Service
Light Commercial
Multi-Family Residential, Residence Halls, and Hotels
Single-Family Residential

By Technology Topic
Accurate HVAC Field Measurement Tools
Advanced Control Devices
Advanced Ventilation Strategies
Air Tightness for Buildings
Building Energy Simulation Tools
Condenser-Air Pre-Cooling
Cool Roofs and Duct Coatings
Efficient Electric Motors
Efficient Heat Pump Systems
Efficient HVAC Control Strategies
Energy Recovery
High Efficiency Hybrid Rooftop Package Air Conditioners
Improved Thermal Energy Distribution
Indirect Evaporative Cooling
Interactions of Behavior and Technology
Maintenance, Fault Detection & Diagnostics
Phase-Change Materials
Radiant Cooling
Retrofits for Rooftop Package Air Conditioners & Air Handlers
Solar Air Conditioning
The Water Energy Nexus
Thermal Energy Storage
Water Management for Evaporative Systems