The WCEC built an environmental control chamber specifically designed to test unitary air conditioners in Davis, California. The primary focus of the laboratory consists of controlling two conditioned chambers, one that is 10.5 feet wide, 15 feet long, and 8 feet tall; and a second that is 7 feet wide, 10 feet long, and 8 feet tall. The larger chamber is designed to produce outdoor air conditions and the smaller chamber is designed to produce indoor air conditions... Read More


The WCEC developed the Solar Thermal and Energy Enhancement Laboratory (STEEL) to further research in advanced heat exchangers for a variety of applications such as solar power generation, thermal desalination, waste heat utilization, and solar fuels.

The STEEL facility is equipped with a 7-m parabolic solar dish that is capable of concentrating sunlight by nearly 1000 times at the focal area. The facility is also home to a high pressure (200 bar), high temperature (up to 700 C) supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) flow loop... Read More