Sensors and Control Systems

Improving Water and Energy Efficiency in California’s Dairy Industry

It is critical to keep dairy cows cool during California’s hot summers. Standard cooling methods, however, such as fans and spraying cows with water, require substantial amounts of electricity and water. With the goal of reducing electricity and water consumption, WCEC and the UC Davis Department of Animal Science tested three novel approaches for cooling dairy cows in California.


Past Projects

RTU Optimization

Packaged compressor-based air-conditioning and heating roof top units (RTUs) provide a significant amount of the cooling for commercial spaces in California. Optimizing the efficiency of RTUs can reduce the strain put on the California electric grid from compressor based cooling.


Next Generation Residential Space-Conditioning System

Space conditioning systems can have a profound impact on comfort and energy efficiency. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), funded by the California Energy Commission, is integrating several advanced technologies into a single space-conditioning system for residential buildings that is cost-effectively optimized for California’s climate.