UC Davis Developed Sealing Technology Raises $22 Million from Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Bloomberg Green

Aeroseal LLC, a company with a technology to better insulate buildings, raised $22 million from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a fund backed by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates. The technology, AeroBarrier, was developed at UC Davis by professor emeritus Mark Modera.

Air leaks in buildings waste energy and can cause moisture and indoor air quality problems. Current methods for tightening building shells have relied primarily on manual sealing methods that are labor intensive and often insufficient. AeroBarrier improves energy efficiency in homes and offices by pressurizing a building while applying an aerosol “fog” to the interior. As the air escapes through leaks in the shell of the building, the aerosolized sealant is transported to the leaks, and seals them as the particles try to escape from the building.

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