Raymond Breault

Raymond attended the University of California Santa Cruz where he received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering. There he worked with the Rolandi Research Group investigating materials science for bioelectronics. His research interests include energy storage and large scale renewable energy integration.

Ines-Noelly Tano

Ines works on the design and characterization of additively manufactured heat exchangers for high temperature and high pressure applications.

Emily Fricke

Emily Fricke received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell University. Her current research involves modeling renewable energy and energy efficient technologies to see how they can be effectively incorporated into industrial processes.

Sreedev Das

Sreedev studies heat transfer and fluid flow in micro-channels to develop compact heat exchangers for various applications. In his current project at WCEC, he is working on the design and development of additively manufactured compact heat exchangers for high temperature and high-pressure applications. Sreedev holds an MS in mechanical engineering from UC Davis.

Scott Adler

Scott studies airflow and pollutant transfer in apartment buildings to identify new building standards that can improve indoor air quality, energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.