Testing, Adjusting and Balancing HVAC Systems: An Overview of Certification Agencies

WCEC Technical Report

Testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) is a process where air and hydronic flows in a building
are measured, adjusted, and documented to meet design specifications and local building codes
to ensure thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and system energy efficiency are optimized. In
order to improve the quality of the TAB process, tests should follow a standardized
methodology and be completed by a certified technician. TAB certified specialists use their
knowledge and experience to verify, test, and adjust heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
(HVAC) systems after installation or retrofit, during a building’s commissioning process, or
anytime evaluation of existing buildings is needed.

In this article, we will examine the benefits of using a certified contractor for TAB and describe
the three main certifying agencies and differences between them. The three main certifying
agencies are:

• Associated Air Balance Council (AABC)
• National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB)
• Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau (TABB)

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